What kind of zombie are you?

Find out this quiz and take place of the zombie! Motice is the second nicest, slow in first, certec in third and hulk is the meanest! So come on, give it a try! think about personallity! Lie! This isint about you, its about what you want to be!

Can you think? by the things above, relize who's personality you wannna be! Be a slow, a certec, a motice, a hulk. All in this great quiz! So give it a try, no need to cry.... As a zombie is a cool zomb and a cool one is a winner!!!!

Created by: Peter Tromba
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Whats your daily flesh feed?
  2. Whats your team hide out?
  3. Whats your fav flesh color?
  4. What is your best freind zombie type?
  5. Do you like:
  6. Do you think that if you were a good zombie, you would live a worse life?
  7. If you were able, would you help the humans a bit, or maybe join them?
  8. Is a life of a zombie exiting?
  9. Whitch do you think is most fair?
  10. Finnaly, Whats your best kill in your zombie life?

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Quiz topic: What kind of zombie am I?