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  • 5'6 and 115LBS, got slender although I feel like this quiz is very stereotypical and rather offensive. Just because I'm what some people would call "lazy" doesn't mean I'm automatically fat and having f---ing anorexia doesn't automatically mean you're skinny..

  • Hey, I just turned 13 and I thought I would take this quiz. My friends and family members always say they wish they looked like me, and Im perfect the way I am. But I was always self-conscious. So I took this quiz, and it says Im TOO SKINNY, which I never thought was a thing that could happen. I weigh 115 pounds and I am 57. Idk if this is right, but I guess I am eating more food starting today

  • excuse me, I am the skinniest person in the family! No one calls me fat and I am as skinny as 3 of my friends. I am considered skinny, not chubby, a boy in my class Charlie Garnier is the fattie. He can't even fit in my clothes. I am a 12 in clothing. If you want to see how fat he is look at the imformation below of where he is.

    Half Moon Bay, goes to Wilkinson School, he is a fattie, brown ugly hair, 12 years old, brown stupid f---ing eyes, he is the size of a whale!!!!!!

    alyssa menner
  • For some reason well I took this test I was humming golden ticket from Charlie and the chocolate factory

  • Your Result: BULGY 79%

    I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SAY THIS BUT YOU'RE FAT, you have so many rolls that it makes a person look away, ease up on the chocolate hun. Guys/Girls probably don't want to be with you. If you're not insecure with your size, try wearing baggy clothes and not spandex. Spandex will only make people run away =] This is true I am so fat

  • OOF I'm chubby!? Well, I doubt this is true, since I have a BMI of 15.1, and am ALWAYS being told I need to gain some weight. On average I weigh about 105 pounds. ( I'm 16, height is 5 foot 10) so yeah, I doubt I'm chubby -_-

    • ^ oh, forgot to mention, I'm probably not too chubby, since I'm able to fit into my eight year old cousins clothing, and he wears, like, one of the smallest sizes in the boys clothing section. ( like, the boys section not men's) so.... Lol ( gosh, now I feel too underweight...)

  • This is so inaccurate. This said you like your pop even though I hate fizzy drinks. My result was chubby yet I'm 13 and can fit into 7-8 size tops 10-11 size dresses and 11-12 size trousers

  • This is really inaccurate because I'm actually underweight and people say I need to gain weight but on the quiz I'm chubby.

  • This is stupid. I got chubby but i'm just average. So what if I like chocolate and soda? I think at least 80% of America likes soda....

  • ur so retarded! your stupid quiz said i'm "chubby" and i'm actually really skinny. i could eat a ton of food and only gain a couple ounces. i hav a very fast metabolism. what if an anorexic girl took this quiz and it said she was fat? that wouldn't help her at all!

  • The first time I did this I answered truthfully and then I did all the fatty options ;)

  • it said im chubby, which isn't a bad thing, but im not. this was quite obviously written by someone who hasn't heard of a thing called fast metabolism... my bmi is 17.6 so i don't know what this

  • Bruh, I'm actually too skinny I'm literally 35 k.g. and 15 years old, but somehow I'm VERY FAT?! People literally tell me "are you sure you eat all your food?"and things like this. Just because I love eating doesn't mean that I'm fat.My friends always tell me how I can eat and not gain any weight...

  • I got 81% chubby but Im almost underweight (my bodys healthy and I eat loads but I just dont put on weight- its genetic as my family is the same)

  • im not too skinny -_- 162 cm 46 kg maybe a bit skinny but not too skinny ugh... also in my country if you are skinny you are considered as beautiful so im not wrong if i think they like me as skinny

  • Your quiz is not very accurate i got chubby when actually im like so skinny in real life it was a retarded quiz because it was written by one xoxo

  • I'm chubby, and it's accurate

  • They said that I am really really fat, but thats not true. I am the skinniest of the family, no meat!

  • Dude,when I touch where my ribs are,I can feel and see them.

    Some kid told me I looked like an undergrown piece of string cheese.

    Poppy 101
  • I just want one quiz that doesn't act like I'm a freak for getting a thin result

  • hi, im 13 I weigh around 72 pounds.....and some 3-5th graders weigh more than me... i found that out today..and apparently i'm underweight to this quiz and people in my yeah i actually agree with this quiz. But i am not eating more "chocolate bars" food is a waste of time..I've gone my short 13 years underweight i'll be fine

  • Lol I'm kinda chubby and it says I'm slender

  • i got slender i work out about 15-2o min a day but i also have a high matabilizum ( im not really sure how to spell that word)that helps a lot

  • Cool quiz, but check spelling
    1. alot is actually a lot
    2. anereksik is actually anorexic

  • im5'6 and i weigh 93 pounds i'm a dancer so i lose weight constantly


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