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  • You deserve a harsh punishment this time. You must bend over with your hands on your knees, and take three hard swats with the paddle across your buttocks

    We didn't have a paddle so I got spanked with a hanger 4000 times because of my bff I wasted all my money, started fights, swear a lot, tantrum and hit my bro.

  • My principal (a man) called the whole school to the main hall (outdoors) and invited all the strangers walking by the school to watch me be punished. He took a paddle, cane, belt, whip, switch, metal ruler, wooden spoon and 4 pieces of ginger. He then stripped me naked and stuffed two pieces of ginger into my back and 2 into my front. He then called few assistant teachers to hold me down against a table while he oiled the things with a liquid which gives an extra burning sensation. He then gave me 3000 with the paddle, 3000 with the cane, 3000 with the belt, 4000 with the whip, 3000 with the switch, 3000 with the metal ruler and 3000 with the wooden spoon. After that, he asked all the teachers in the school to give me 1000 with the whip. The school has about 90 teachers. I was completely naked the whole time with the whole school and a few random passerbys watching me. He then called my parents and they poured he whole bottle of the liquid my headmaster used to oil the things with into my front and gave me 5000 each with the metal ruler, with me in diaper position. They also recorded it and sent it to my extended family.

    Poor Kid
  • Your behavior merits a consequence of mild corporal punishment! You will be stood up and smacked three times across the seat of your pants with the open hand. They will be hard smacks!

    My punisher said that this wasen't enough so shes gonna spank my bare bottom standing up and she is also gonna wipe ginger on my butt and shes gonna hit me until my butt is pink otherwise she is not stoping im now waiting for her to get the eqipment to punish me for not doing homework, swearing and injured my "friend" which is my bully...

    • My punishment is over but she shoved ginger up my butt which make it hurts soo bad ive been waiting for 20 min and the pain is still there

  • I like this quiz! As someone who has the pain tolerance of a newborn, it's nice to find a quiz that doesn't involve being smacked to death!

  • Just like it says. You must bare your bottom down to you knees and bend over the lap of your punisher. You will be given 10 hard smacks on your bare bum

    Got this aswell

  • I fainted bc my teacher is going to give me "switching"

  • My gf paddled me my ass hurts

    Punishment girl

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