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  • I am a little over 30, some of the stereotypes used in this test are much older than me and absolutely irrelevant. I am 100% Russian. I love Russia and its people. Yet, many Russians criticize things in Russia and look for a change... Many of us are far from those old stereotypes some of which have never even existed and are the plain product of ill imagination and shortsighted perception... One more thing I cannot keep silent about... the question about "laundry in the bathtub"... gosh, the first time I had to do such laundry was in the U.S.!! I have been a student, lived in different states, renting apartments... I live in Russia and in the Netherlands, but only in the U.S., I have not had the "privilege" to have my own washing machine. This is absolutely insane for me. Every apartment in Russia has a washing machine. No matter it is your's or you rent it... it does not cost that much. Yet, in the U.S. it is truly a privilege for which your landlord will add a hundred dollar extra to your monthly rent... I have recently watched a video about portable washing machines where they were talking about having a washing machine as a privilege of those who own their homes. Seriously?! It cost little money to install a washing machine in the bathroom or kitchen, yet in the U.S. it is a privilege and many have to use public laundromats as a reminder of them not being successful enough... This is absolutely ridiculous and wild for me. Since public machines are unacceptable for me, a bathtub is the only option... We (Russians) care about hygiene and cannot understand how something like a washing machine can be public in our modern world in a developed country!!!!

    • *I have lived

  • WTF? So just because I don't drink vodka every day and don't murder people for a sport it crosses out the fact that I was born in Russia, raised in Russia, live in Russia, and my whole family is Russian?!

  • "You are 11% Russian!

    You're so un-Russian, you must be an American. You probably rent Cold War movies and enjoy them with no sense of irony."

    Very stupid test! I'm Russian.

    I hate vodka. "Where is the questions about bears and balalayka?"

  • You are 0% Russian!

    You're so un-Russian, you must be an American. [Indeed I'm an American.] You probably rent Cold War movies and enjoy them with no sense of irony. [I've never watch those movies.]

    To be honest if I were a russian I would be ashamed of being a russian.

    • Youd be ashamed of who you are? I am proud of all the hardship and all the struggles that my people have had to go through in the years. ASHAMED? Its not about your nationality, your ethnicity, your religion, your race, or anything... all that matters is being a good person who does the right thing when necessary and treats others the way they should be treated, with respect. I don't drink vodka, I dont even drink alcohol. I like simple things, I like tea, making other people smile, and puppies... but I guess because I'm Russian, everyone else in the world has to hate me, yes? It dont matter how much respect I give to others, being Russian is enough to make others frown upon me and make me feel like a worthless, evil, peasant... unfortunately for you, being Russian encourages pride, integrity, and culture. I am VERY PROUD of my blood and will never change this...

  • I got 68 Percent Russian, and like yeah i'm some Russian and German but like, its weird how many of these questions are things from the wars and other stereo typical s---. Some questions asking me of the Soviet Union and WW2 and if I drink Vodka like wtf, I mean i've tried Vodka but thats so s---ty of how this quiz results in stereotypes to result you to see if your Russian. Wtf

  • I was only 9%. It says I'm so un-Russian that I must be American (Of course i'm American. A proud one, too), and that I rent Cold War movies (yep) and watch them with no sense of irony (what does that even mean?)...

    Mr Sark
  • 52 per cent Russian, though I'm Russian... haha, is that connected to that I'm a 40 per cent American Patriot (according to the another quiz)? haha

    an' never been to america =)

    But, well, that quiz is strange, there were plenty of times when I couldn't get the real answer for me.

  • As far as I know I am not russian. 33% russian though huh? I doubt any quiz can tell you what you really are. i scored higher than people that live in Russia? no, that proves that the quiz has some out of whack stereotypes on what a Russian really is. Russians are better than how they are perceived.

  • I'm Russian. My grandsires were Russian. I live in Russia.

    The test result:
    You are 27% Russian!

    Who are you kidding? Just because you took a summer language course in Petersburg doesn't make you a Russian.


    Ja Lena
  • The stupid test. :) I see here only stereotypes. If anybody thinks, that Russian are similar to that... pity for you.

    • Shall we create a quiz "How American are you?"?

      Do you eat lots of hamburgers?
      Do you fat?
      Does your IQ below 50?
      Don`t you know what part of the world are?

      Does your wife is "alternately beautiful" and doesn`t know how to cook?

      You are 100% American!

      Satou chan
    • I live in Russia, and have lived there for my whole life. Some of this was accurate, some, just ridiculous. , . , , .


      My Grandmother didn't endure countless years of communist rule just for a internet quiz calling me 88% Russian!

    • WTF!52%???

      Oh,I see, I don't like vodka! That's the point!


      I know many foreigners who like to drink vodka with lemon,ice,and soda.For comrades: kak takyu smes' moghno pit'?

    • I am underage for drinking but I absolutely 00% Russian and got 40 because of vodka stereotypes.

    • I'm actually half Russian, and my answer was really judgmental who says you have to like Vodka to be Russian? xD

      Temno Zhizn
    • Jessica123 you are so dead, from us Russians for your comment! Experience the punishment!

      Vlad Demenski
    • This quiz contains too many stereotypes. I can say this a Russian ;)

    • 57 %. ��� Ñ�авнÐ ¾ �� деÑ�Ñ�à Â¼ÃÂ¾! ;D

      Not all Russian people drink vodka.
      I'm Russian, but I hate vodka.

    • I am a Russian. I was born in Russia, raised in Russia, I live in Russia... 8% result can be considered a formal basis for Green Card? :)

    • My girlfriend is Russian! I love her

    • Well that doesn't make any sense, i am so russian i play for zenit. STUPID just because i don't go around killing people!

    • The one about the Winnie-the-Pooh was excellent.

    • WTF? Just 52%?
      I've always considered myself 100% russian!

      Maybe I lowered my rating on the questions about vodka...

      Satou chan
    • 51% Russian wow i was born and raised in Canada and I'm also part German XD wonder how that happened


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