How richmond are you?

This quiz is all about Richmond, VA. How richmond are you? well take this quiz and find out. the quiz will take you thru a series of questions to find out if YOU ARE RICHMOND.

Are you from Richmond? ever lived in Richmond,VA? Ever even visited Richmond,VA. Ever even heard of Richmond,VA? Well take this quiz and We'll tell you how Richmond you are.

Created by: The Geek

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  1. What is your favourite local band.
  2. Its after 2am and you still wanna party where do ya go?
  3. Yur gonna go buy some beers whats your choice?
  4. Its a hot summer day, where do you go to cool off and relax.
  5. Yur in the mood for some Baw-ba-que, where do ya go to eat?
  6. Whats Your favourite place to eat for a hangover?
  7. What is a Sticky ball?
  8. What club used to be where Empire lounge is now?
  9. What was the Nanci Raygun called before it was Nanci Raygun?
  10. What grocery store do you normally shop at?

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Quiz topic: How richmond am I?