How Rare Are You On Animal Jam?

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Animal Jam is a pawsome game! Most people want to be rare... That's why I made this quiz! If you don't believe you're rare, then keep trying! You'll get there.

How rare of a Jammer are you? I want this quiz to help people find out how rare they are, and if they feel the need to climb higher, or if they like their items.

Created by: Turbo Dragon

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  1. How Many Rares Do You Have?
  2. What Is Your Rarest Item?
  3. What Do You Usually Wear?
  4. What Is Year Is The Oldest Item You Have From?
  5. How Many Buddies Do You Have?
  6. It's Monday, But You Don't Like The Rare. What Do You Do?
  7. What Do You Do If Someone Asks For A Rare?
  8. How Do You Respond When Somebody Asks For A Good Item Of Yours?
  9. How Often Do You Get Buddy Requests?
  10. How Often Do You Host Parties?
  11. How Often Do You Host Parties?

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Quiz topic: How Rare am I On Animal Jam?