How Qualified Are You to Babysit?

Are you a good enough babysitter? Do you actually qualify or are you 3 steps behind? Maybe you're not as good as you thought you were or maybe you're even better! Find out by taking this wonderful quiz about babysitting!

Are YOU a good babysitter? Who knows! Maybe you are, maybe you're not! This quiz will reveal all of that for you. Just make sure you're prepared for the true results!

Created by: Liz
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  1. You have to watch your 4 year old cousin for a total of 15 minutes while your aunt and uncle leave the house. What would you be caught doing?
  2. You're walking to the store, you see a little kid trying to cross the street alone. You...
  3. A woman drops her wallet on the ground after leaving a store.
  4. You're in a store and you notice a mother slap her 5 year old son across the cheeks and they scream. You know the child didn't do anything wrong. You..
  5. Your friends 8 year old sibling has a crush on you. She/he tries to hook up with you. You..
  6. You're jogging in the park and you see 2 children playing. You notice that one of them is harassing the other by poking them with a stick.
  7. If you had to babysit for your neighbors kid for 9 hours, but knew you wouldn't be getting paid from them because they were broke.. Would you?
  8. Your best friends cousin has the flu. You were asked over to party while she babysits. What would you do?
  9. The child you're babysitting for has stopped breathing. You..
  10. You see a bunch of kids playing outside of your house. 1 of them falls off their bike and you notice a lot of blood coming from their leg. You...

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Quiz topic: How Qualified am I to Babysit?