how pretty you are

There are lot of people who are very pretty. Maybe your one of them but maybe your not.If you are keeep being it dont stop your awesomeness and if you arent it's okay ask a friend for some adivce but even if you arent you desrve everything the same

Are you pretty?!! Do you feel like thinking about it.... well if you dont take this quiz and find out if your pretty or not.Have fun with this quiz and find out your prettyness or not prettyness

Created by: Haylee

  1. what is your hair color?
  2. what is your complection ( skin color) ??
  3. which describes you??
  4. Do you like to play video games?
  5. What do you love most?
  6. What is your fav artist?
  7. What is your fav design?
  8. Who is your most loved family member?
  9. Do you have friends?
  10. You are....

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