Are You Pretty? (for real)

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There are a lot of quizzes titled "are you pretty?" but this one is different. This quiz doesn't just ask if you think your pretty. It takes a whole bunch of factors, such as personal hygiene, and then calculates your score more accurately.

Hopefully you score well. If you dson't the quiz gives you some tips to try to look better. Please do not take this quiz seriously. This is for entertainment purposed only.

Created by: Gab

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  1. Do you wear makeup? If so, is it nice and neat or sloppy and smeared?
  2. Do you bathe regularly?
  3. How is your hair?
  4. How do your clothes fit you?
  5. Take a look at your finger nails? Are they trimmed/filed (no jagged edges)? Are they clean without any dirt?
  6. Do you use any type of deodorant or perfumes?
  7. What color are your eyes? (no effect)
  8. Are you short? tall? or average?
  9. What color lipgloss/lipstick do you wear?
  10. Do you have any facial piercings? (ears don't count)
  11. Do you have any tattoos? If so what size?
  12. What color is your hair?
  13. Do you have any pimples?
  14. Do you use spray-on tan?
  15. What are your teeth like?

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Quiz topic: Am I Pretty? (for real)