How Pretty Are You?

Some People Are Really pretty people And They Dont Know It. Thats Why I Made This Quiz. So That They can See there True Apperence And So that They Can Find More Ways To Help Them Self To be there Perfct Pretty Girl.

You Are pretty In Your Own way You Just Have to Let It Out And Let Everyone See How Beautiful You can Be You Jast need The Confidence And All The Things That Will Make YOU Feel PRETTY.

Created by: Veronica
  1. Do You Feel Confident About Your Self? (How Pretty You Are?)
  2. Do People Compliment You?
  3. Do You Get Pretty To Go Anywhere?
  4. Are You Conceded?
  5. Are You Popular?
  6. Do You Have A Boyfriend
  7. Are You Emo?
  8. Is Your Boyfriend Emo?
  9. Do You Want to Be Nicer?
  10. Are You Smart?
  11. Wich One Do You Get More ?

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Quiz topic: How Pretty am I?