how pretty are you

there are tons and tons of people in this world. everyon is diffferent, but almost every girl over the age of fifteen wants to be pretty and cute and popular. but are u?

this quiz will tell u who u are. the girl who cracks the whip. or the sweet pretty one. mabye the loner. or are you the chubby sweetie? im hoping u will find out today.

Created by: livy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. who do you hang out with?
  2. what is your overall weight?
  3. how do u behave?
  4. what is ur breakfast
  5. whats ur fave music?
  6. are u popular?
  7. what animal are u?
  8. what do u wear?
  9. how do you eat?
  10. this is the end of the quiz. u happy?

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Quiz topic: How pretty am I