How Pretty Are You?

Are you pretty or ugly? Find out here! Do guys dig you or fing you repulsive? Do you want to know? YES? Find out here!:) You know you want to! C'mon are you pretty or ugly?

Are you hot or WHAT!! This may not be completely accurate but it will be pretty close if you answer TRUTHFULLY!! So please don't lie or try to manipulate this test into saying you're pretty! Honesty is the best policy! ;)?

Created by: Helayna
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What colour hair do you have??
  2. Do you have any facial features that are gross (e. G fat nose, large forehead)?
  3. How fat are you? Be honest (trust your friends opinions)?
  4. Do you wear makeup?
  5. What would you wear to the mall/ shopping centre?
  6. Has anyone ever told you that you're pretty? Be honest.
  7. How often do you shower?
  8. What's your skin like?
  9. Do you have nice eyelashes??
  10. How much sleep do you get each night on average?
  11. Do you have a healthy lifestyle? How many of these do you have: healthy diet, lots of exercise, drink plenty of water, lots of sleep, good skin care/hygeine?
  12. You stand out from a crowd because...
  13. Boo !!
  14. Don't worry about the last question! Lol :) So what did you think of the quiz! Thanks for participating!

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Quiz topic: How Pretty am I?