how pretty are you(girls only)

this is iquiz to tell you how pretty you are to me personally i think beauty is only skin deep and i dont judge people from the outside(only my sisters) an i think no one should but hey no one is perfect we all have flaws

are you really pretty? do you have what it tales to be pretty? find out on this amazing quiz(sorry about how gay it is i am just trying to fit some random word into this little paragraph)

Created by: airotciv(read it backwards)

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you always hget invited to the coolest parties
  2. what is your fav color
  3. have you ever liked someone that didnt like you back
  4. are you a major flirt
  5. first of all do you think that your pretty?
  6. do you think that u r fat?
  7. do you think that u r fat?
  8. r u in high school or middle school?
  9. what do you live in
  10. are you ready to find out yur answers
  11. what do you fdo on a first date
  12. heve you ever been on a date
  13. what is yor fav band

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Quiz topic: How pretty am I(girls only)