how beautiful are you?!

some girls are really really ugly and scare little kids off, but some girls are really really pretty and everyone wants to be their best friend. have you ever wondered what kind of a girl you are or are you ALWAYS self conscious?!

now you can find out the truth about the way you look. even though you may hate the way you look, you might actually be surprised about how beautiful you are. all you have to do is answer some questions. this quiz is very accurate.

Created by: lisa
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  1. what colour skin do you have?!
  2. what colour hair do you have?
  3. what colour eyes do you have?
  4. what kind of hair have you got?
  5. whats the length of your hair?
  6. what fringe have you got?
  7. what kind of nose have you got?
  8. do you have freckles?
  9. do you have moles?
  10. do you have big lips?
  11. are your teeth crooked?
  12. are your teeth white?
  13. do you have any gaps in your front teeth?
  14. do you have any dark hair above your lip?
  15. whats the shape of your face?
  16. do you have a double chin?
  17. are you fat?
  18. do you have any warts?
  19. how tall are you for your age?
  20. how much makeup do you normally wear?
  21. is your face shiny?
  22. do you have any spots or acne?
  23. how often do you have a shower?
  24. do you wear glasses?

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Quiz topic: How beautiful am I?!