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  • I was not expecting this. After a while of seeing beautiful girls all around me through media, or elsewhere, it kinda broke me and made me hate the way I looked. I tried doing a different quiz but couldn't even get halfway through it cause it just hurt too much. When I read through this quiz, I actually started crying because I have forgotten everything that is true, and how God loves me for who I am. Thanks so much for the wake up call, sometimes I really hate being a teenager so it is good to remember i will always have God with me. :)

  • Thank you. I was seriously like seeing all these gorgeous girls from my school and everywhere! And I was so mad and upset thinking, Why cant I be like them! Why cant I be pretty! Because for one thing, I have acne and it really brings down my confidence. And my weight. Well, Ive been trying to lose it and Ive been dancing for years and working out and not really seeing a difference. I would always think, Why couldnt i just be born skinny like the other girls, why couldnt I be one that never gets acne! (Which Ive had for like 4 years!) and then I did this test today. And I read the one about God and how he made me the way Im meant to be, and I started balling my eyes out, from happiness. And the rest of the questions and the test results. You made my day. You changed my life.

  • It is refreshing to have a person, whom you do not know, tell you that your are beutiful. I am glad to have found another person who beleives in God and is a very kind soul. You are a blessing to many and i thank you very much for the words of wisdom. I had low self esteem when i was very young. I eventually got over it, but not without the help of God.

    I once more thank you for helping others see what God sees, wheather they realize it or not.

  • I clicked on this quiz expecting the typical quiz based on hair color, weight, etc. Instead, I got this wonderful reminder that everyone is beautiful, an its nice to know others out there beleive in God.

    :) ten stars!!

  • Not everyone's religious so telling us stuff about god isn't going to boost anyone's self esteem. Think about the people who are atheist. They're going to take this like some sick, stupid joke.

  • This was a great quiz! It really made me feel good about myself, as I don't always have the best self-esime (or spelling, LOL)What you say is true, everyone is beautiful the way they are because God made them that way.

  • I'm not religious but I found this really touching. I think beauty is more on the inside, though I know many people will disagree with that. :P

    Great quiz.

  • Just because some people aren't religious doesn't mean I can't spread the Word about my religion. Freedom of Speech, darling, Freedom of Speech.

  • This made me feel so much better about myself! :) THANK YOU! YOU'RE SUCH AN AMAZING PERSON! Thank you for believing that everyone is beautiful! You seem like a sweetheart! :D I rated this quiz a 10! LOVED IT!

    Heather Lea
  • loooooooveeeeeeed this quiz so inspirational and for any on who wants to criticize the person who made this quiz then you need to learn your amendments, first amendment freedom of speech religion to assemble pasvfuly and freedom of press

  • ohhhh thank you i was always told im beautiful but i was never so sure but for some reason i belive the person who made this quiz

    im a singer 8
  • this is weird, religious people sound weird

  • Needed this,thank you :)

  • Definatly needed this :,)
    Thank you so much

  • 100% WOO HOO! i was touched by your quiz! *sniff* best quiz i've ever takin. this really made me feel beautiful, thank you! (;

  • how much people got a 100 because I did

  • thanks luna :) (of course a fellow harry potter fan understands :D)

  • 100% beautiful Thanks:)

  • :3

  • yahh! Im 100%beautiful


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