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  • "6%- You are Not Preppy! You are not even close to being a prep! You are actually a nerdy girl. You are very unpopular and you are not considered anywhere near being a prep!"

    Lol, just because you're not a snob doesn't make you unpopular. I'm really not girly, I wear jeans and black T-shirts, and yep, I'm a nerd. But "very unpopular"? Preps are unpopular. Rude quiz. I'm not a stuck up, completely self-centered B like those other girls in my class. But that's good, and that's no reason to shame me. The person who made this quiz is obviously a preppy snob. 'Cuz it's MOSTLY accurate, at least for me, but it kinda sucks.

  • 55%

    How does shopping at Victoria's Secret make you more popular and the results are very rude -.-

  • 23% yay! Nerds r awesome! 8D

    Miss carrot
  • 38% Yay!! :D I don't want to be a suck up snobby bum!

    Great quiz 10/10

  • 9%. Well good. I'd rather be a geek. Preps are nothing but stuck up snobs.

  • 58%

    Ya, that's about right. And i am not a snob biches.

    meep da first
  • %0
    I win. ^_^


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