How Potty Trained are You?

This is just for fun, so you can put down whatever you want. I don't care, so try to get multiple results. Thank you for playing, and I hope you enjoy.

Hey, I'm your imaginary friend, Charles. I'm going to evaluate how potty trained you are. You have four outcomes: Diaper Duty, Potty Training, Bedwetter, and finally, Potty Trained. Ready? Let's go!

Created by: Charles

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  1. How often do you poop or pee yourself?
  2. How old are you?
  3. Do you notice when you go potty in your pants at all?
  4. Do you make it to the potty in time?
  5. What would you rather do?
  6. Do you like video games or toys?
  7. Do you have good motor skills?
  8. How much do you go potty in your pants?
  9. What do you do when you go potty in your pants
  10. Do you like going potty in your pants?

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Quiz topic: How Potty Trained am I?