What Subject Do You Like Most At School?

In This Quiz You Will Be Asked Several Questions On School Answer The Questions As Honestly As You Can. I Have Given Multiple Answers So It Is As Simple As Possible For You..

Disclaimer: Dont Click The Bottom Questions Unless You Are Dumb. I Love Playing Quiz Games On My Electronic Devices. This Is My First Quiz And I Hope You Enjoy It.

Created by: Fun

  1. How Would Your Friends Describe You?
  2. What Would You Bring With You If You Were Stranded On A Deserted Island?
  3. Pick Your Favourite Colour?
  4. What Is Your Favourite Stationery Supply?
  5. What Is 10+9?
  6. Who Is Vincent Van Gogh?
  7. How Many Milimetres In A Centimetre?
  8. What Came First The Chicken Or The Egg?
  9. What Is Your Favourite Food?
  10. Finally, What Is Your Favourite Subject?

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Quiz topic: What Subject do I Like Most At School?