How popular are you! This is the best quiz to take!

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Hi, I'm GlamPanda! I luv gotoquiz and thought I would join in on the fun! So I hope you enjoy this quiz! If you do not like your result, get more trendy clothes. And ditch your old friends, for new!

I was also recently forced to move from sunny beautiful California, WHERE I LIVED IN HOLLYWOOD! To OKLAHOMA! What is wrong with my parents I don't know but I live in a manshion here to so byeeeeee! Have fun! #Don'tBeJealous!

Created by: GlamPanda

  1. What shoes are you wearing now?
  2. What is your fave jacket?
  3. Do u use txt language? 😴💚🙋🙅
  4. Do YOU consider youself popular?
  5. what is the best word to describe you below?
  6. Are you in trouble right now?
  7. what is my address? #Stalker
  8. sooooo, what's your dream name? I'm sorry this doesnt effect your score. Im just curious!
  9. So, Like do you think I'M FABULOUS?????
  10. how often do you use gmail?

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Quiz topic: How popular am I! This is the best quiz to take!