are you trendy and popular or the unpopular weirdo

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this quiz will tell you if you are trendy or not. there are 10 questions and each will help determen if you are the popular kid thats trendy or the weirdo thats not trendy. good luck!

idk what to write in this one cause i don't have anything else to say. i have to have 150 characters in this so I'm gonna say random stuff till i reach that well i just did so you dident have to read this and it was kinda a waste of time now you can stop wasting your time and start the quiz

Created by: marley

  1. do you own anything from Vans?
  2. social media?
  3. how many friends do you have?
  4. what do you prefer?
  5. do you think the picture for the quiz is a trendy outfit or not
  6. do you have a boyfriend?
  7. rate yourself and be honest!
  8. what do you prefer?
  9. do you play sports?
  10. finally did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I trendy and popular or the unpopular weirdo