How popular are you quiz!????????

Everyone thinks their so popular but if you answer these questions you will find out the TRUTH if you get a bad result don't worry I'm sure theirs more lives in the one pound store you could buy!

Are you unpopular are you average are you popular or are you super popular These are the questions about yourself you must know!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love U Guys xx 😘🤣😘

Created by: Millie Jones

  1. How many BFFS do you have? 🤔
  2. Would you be a...🤔
  3. Do you have a romantic relationship or are you in school! 😘
  4. If in the school assembly a picture of you pooping showed up on the screen what would you do? 😫
  5. This trivia question but is the best colour?
  6. What describes you best #HONESTY😡
  7. Are you a Harry Potter fan?
  8. If you could make up a word out of these six what would it be? 🙂🙃🙂
  9. What's your fave food 🍔🌭🥗💁🏼
  10. Which are you hoping to get from the scores

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Quiz topic: How popular am I quiz!????????