Are You Popular?

There are many self-proclaimed populists, but only few are really popular. Take my quiz to find out the truth about popularity, and how popular YOU are.

Well, now stop reading this and take my quiz! Just chill on the couch. And answer ten questions. That change your life. Are you ready? Cuz, we are encouraging you to find out the truth!

Created by: Brittani

  1. Saturday Night?
  2. Herbert, the nerdiest kid ever, is hosting a party. Ditch or go?
  3. Ashley Walker, idiot, just broke up with her bf; a Taylor Lautner lookalike. Ask him out?
  4. Your BFFL just called you a $&@8). And then your bf agreed. And then your mom disowned u. The day b4 prom.
  5. The class clown asked you out. And you've liked him since pre-k. But ur bf is the most popular guy ever.
  6. INTERPRET THIS: omjb he ame & totes fahreaked man out bi serenadjng mah. Totes adorks.
  7. Your sister stole ur blue heels.
  8. You and ur ex r lab partners! First thing u say 2 him?
  9. Last "favor" you did 4 it brother.
  10. Lastly, do u consider yourself popular?

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