How Popular Are You???

Hey... not everyone might be popular but you may be. popular people might be dressed all cool and girls wearing all this makeup... and boys sagging. But you may not be like that.

"Do you think your popular or you are not sure? just take this quiz and find out now!!! you must be eager to find out! just stop reading this and start my quiz about your popularity

Created by: alice

  1. When you dropped your books or something in school, has someone ever picked it up for you???
  2. When you had to do an assignment in school, has there been a lot of people asking you to be your partner or fighting over you to be your partner???
  3. Have you ever told a joke to someone(a lot of people) and they laughed constantly???
  4. When you wore the cutest(freshest, for the boys)outfit to school, has a lot of people noticed and comment your outfit???
  5. When you were struggling on some problem in school, has somebody ever helped you right away???
  6. When your shoelace was untied, has anyone ever tied it for you???
  7. When someone was taking pictures and you knew that person, do they let you take a picture with them???
  8. If you went to the store with your friend(s) do they buy you something??
  9. If you did not have a pencil in school and you were going to ask your teacher, has someone ever gave you one right away???
  10. OK LAST QUESTION, if you have a cell phone, how many contacts do you have

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Quiz topic: How Popular am I???