How Polish Are You?

Do you know and love everything about Poland? Or are you convinced that Poland is a land where all they do is train builders, plumbers and waitresses? Find out here

This is a 14 question quiz to find out how much you really know about Poland, Polish life, Polish people -- and there is one Polish word in the quiz too.

Created by: John Kingston
  1. A good use for poppy seeds is:
  2. What would you sing on your (Polish) friend's birthday?
  3. Christmas isn't Christmas without:
  4. Name five alcoholic spirit drinks
  5. You have been invited to a Polish wedding, and then to stay at a friend's house afterwards. What two things should you take?
  6. If you had Kasha in your hand, would you:
  7. The Christmas season ends on:
  8. If you are an older gentleman greeting a young lady, would you
  9. Poland was once:
  10. Where is the best view of Warsaw obtained from?
  11. Easter Monday is also known as:
  12. Poland's greatest modern hero is:
  13. Guests are:
  14. Poles think that Shkoda (you spell it Skoda) is a funny name for a car. That's because Shkoda means:

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Quiz topic: How Polish am I?