How much do you know about Poland?

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The quiz tests your basic knowledge about Poland. 10 easy questions concern Polish geography, economy, culture, language and traditions. Have fun and check how much do you know about POLAND!

Are you an expert on Poland? Does this country have any secrets, that you weren't aware of? Take our test and make sure how much do you really know about Poland.

Created by: StayPoland of StayPoland
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  1. Which city is now Poland's capital?
  2. What countries borders Poland?
  3. The approximate population of Poland is about?
  4. Which of these men was not Polish?
  5. Which sea does Poland have an access to?
  6. What important event will Poland host in 2012?
  7. What are "pierogi"?
  8. The Polish currency is called the:
  9. How would you greet in Polish?
  10. What is the longest River in Poland?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Poland?