What Nail Polish Color Looks Best On You?

There are many different colors of nail polish, and many different people. People of whom have very different hands. Nail Polish is art that you put onto your nails.

What nail polish looks best on you? Would it be mustard yellow? Fiery red? Bright orange? Cucumber green? Plum purple? Barbie pink? Dirt brown? Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Ali
  1. Okay, so all you HAVE to answer are questions #4-#9, then you can skip the rest and just click submit. Only answer the rest for a better result.
  2. Your nails are _______.
  3. Are your nails stubby?
  4. Your complexion is _______.
  5. You look better in ______ rings.
  6. Do you care if the nail polish is rough looking?
  7. Do you like layers?
  8. Are your nails and the skin surrounding them "model-quality"?
  9. You can skip the rest of the questions and click submit, or answer them to get a better result.
  10. Are your fingers chubby?
  11. Do you bite your nails?
  12. Do you bite the skin around your nails?
  13. Rate or comment?

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