How Polandball are you? (Part 2!)

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Weeeeelcom to ze part too of polandball! Becom a polandball master!!!!!!!!!!! Missed ze part 1? Check my account! Rieviewz and le comments are welcom!!

Ar YUO a polandball?!?! do tis quiz to find out!!! By teh way... this quiz is ALOT harder tehn polandball quiz number 1... reserch befor teh test!!!!! Guud luck!

Created by: Goldenrebel25
  1. This quiz is harder than part 1. Do you want to continue anyway?
  2. Who does Serbia hate the most?
  3. Who hates Turkey more?
  4. Which country cannot into relevance?
  5. Who is the TRUE inventor of Vodka?
  6. Which country cannot into Scandinavia?
  7. Who is a complete failure?
  8. Who hates kebab the most?
  9. Who is Peru's greatest enemy?
  10. Who is Slovakia's brother?
  11. Did you do part 1 yet?
  12. And finally... who resembles a potato the most?

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