How Polandball Are You?

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There are a lot of ze polandballs! If yuo don't knowz ze polandball, then yuo no polandball and yuo cannot into space! Take this test to see if yuo polandball.

Are YUO a la polandball? Take ze test to win teh... uh... notting...uh... Take ze test to be happie! pepols wit gud english ar losers! Bad grammar FTW!

Created by: Goldenrebel25
  1. What does poland say a lot?
  2. What does poland do best?
  3. Does the USA have sunglasses?
  4. Does serbia have an eyepatch?
  5. What is a known Anti-Middle-Eastern quote by Serbia?
  6. Who makes poland clean toilets normally?
  7. Should we all remove Kebab?
  8. What laugh does Brazil do?
  9. What Shape is Kazakstan?
  10. What shape is Singapore?
  11. What shape is Israel?
  12. What does Britain always have?
  13. Polandball or Countryball?
  14. Do you even know what polandball is?
  15. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How Polandball am I?