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  • 95% :)

    fizzled1998 Aug 12 '11, 7:21PM
  • 100% i no da!!!!! i love the stillers !!!!!!!! and if you dont get the f--- outta pittysburgh!!!! and i know i say the burgh alot to but i said pittysburgh because i put self piity on it !!!! and if you say soda out side anywhere in da burgh i will come outta nowhere and punch you and i wont always do it at first but i will soon!!!! even if your at home.... wmahhahahahahaha!!! !!

    sydthekid200 Jul 29 '11, 5:12AM
  • Woo 100% pittsburgh! :) I haved lived here all my life. And guys.. people from pittsburgh say "stillers"? We KNOW it's spelled steelers. The maker of the quiz is spelling it how we say it? I have never once heard the word soda spoken in pittsburgh, unless that person didn't grow up here. :) It's pop. My mom talks exactly like what it says in the quiz. lol.

    destination Jul 27 '11, 11:23AM
  • Wow I was just about to make a quiz like this and I'm shocked to see it in the top 40!!! Makes me proud to be from the 'Burgh! Great quiz.
    Let's Go Bucs!! First place right now!!!!

    PiratesFan Jul 24 '11, 8:05PM
  • Wow I was just about to make a quiz like this and I'm shocked to see it in the top 40!!! Makes me proud to be from the 'Burgh! Great quiz.
    Let's Go Bucs!! First place right now!!!!

    PiratesFan Jul 24 '11, 8:02PM
  • please join stn(stop teddy now) its that stupid chain letter and if you beleve it you need to see a doctor please join cause we got to stop teddy now!!!!! please if you join send your response to [no emails] cause this can and will be stopped sooo........ if you are a assasin please make sure your an elegeal us person before joining that is all ohhh.... and stop teddy nowwwwww!!!!!!!

    sydthekid200 Apr 20 '11, 10:23PM
  • teddy stop now

    sunset Apr 17 '11, 8:25PM
  • what the heck you spelled steelers wrong you spelled stillers so wtf your less pitt than me. who are you to tell whos not pitt

    thebest47 Oct 13 '10, 9:34PM
  • i mean, please don't believe the chain letter!!!!!!!!!!! not the quiz, that's fine, just don't believe the CHAIN LETTER! STOP TEDDY NOW!

    DarthVader Jun 14 '10, 5:28PM
  • stop teddy now! please, please, don't believe this quiz! it's not true, i've proven that by ignoring it! join the stn by posting this on all the quizes where they posted the letter. this must stop. don't believe it, and help stop it!

    DarthVader Jun 14 '10, 5:27PM
  • So i've been visiting Pittsburgh since I was about six years once a year. I live; and have always lived, almost two hours west of Philly in Reading. Which is pronounced Red-ing...not Read-ing (what you to with a book). Ever play Monopoly? Reading Railroad? I hear those Goddamn trains all the time. Anywho, my sister went to Pitt. U. and never left the area. She lives in Murrysville and I actually got 71%! I plan to move to Pitts. in a year from now and other common words used are "sweeper" instead of "vaccum" and my brother-in-law still makes fun of my sister for saying, "i'm gonna jump through the shower."

    p.s. don't people ask for a "coke" or "pepsi" depending on what product the restaurant serves? I never call it soda and I refuse to call it pop.

    p.p.s I believe it was originally called "Soda Pop" in the 1900's when it was first manufactured, so no one wins.

    KEE0207 May 30 '10, 1:19AM

    Christs Child Dec 26 '09, 12:34PM
  • oops...I meant to write "club" soda in my comment below.

    Ted Dec 10 '09, 12:47PM
  • "Pop" is not only a Pittsburgh thing. Many people in the Midwest call it "pop". However, Pittsburghers seem to be unaware that it is called anything else but "pop".

    If you ask for a soda at a restaurant in Pittsburgh, there's a good chance the waitress/waiter will bring you a cub soda.

    It wasn't until I was 18 years old and in college (and made my first real acquaintances with non-Pittsburghers) that I realized that most of the country did not know what pop was.

    -Ted (quiz author)

    Ted Dec 10 '09, 12:42PM
  • You are 95% Pittsburgh.

    Great job! There's nooooo doubt about it. You're from Da Burgh. You deserve a reward, so go have an Ahrn City or two. And GO STILLERS!

    Yay! I live in Pittsburgh so that makes sense.

    Ummm, Cali100? I haven't heard or used the word "soda" around the Pittsburgh area since....never. We don't say it. We say POP. Go STEELERS!

    annagurl14 Nov 29 '09, 11:41AM
  • I hate "stillers" too. It's STEELERS, kids.

    picky picky Sep 20 '09, 1:14AM
  • Answered so many right because I have heard so many derogatory remarks about how a small fraction of Pittsburghers(never heard "the burgh" in our circles) talk.
    They are really not from Pittsburgh proper - they are from the SouthSide and certain suburbs.

    picky picky Sep 20 '09, 1:08AM
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    aethington Aug 30 '09, 9:36AM
  • i got 75% :D i live near da burgh
    i really dont get how people can call pop, soda!! it sounds soo weird and fancy! haahaa

    megann xx15 Jul 28 '09, 8:52PM
  • omo!!!
    I live near Pittsburgh, or excuse me... SIXburgh!
    Seiously tho... i have never heard of soda until i was like 7. I just always heard it said as "pop"!
    i think that soda sounds so 1950's diner lingo.
    pop is like modern man!

    lgkavanagh Jul 26 '09, 7:06PM
  • what the heck was that last question? i am a valley girl in santa cruz. soooo i only got 4% and who says "pop" for soda that is just wrong!!

    Cali100 Jul 23 '09, 12:26PM
  • lol i got 4%

    Cali100 Jul 23 '09, 12:23PM

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