How pineapple are you really?

If you aren’t a pineapple YOU SUCK JK but pineapples rule hehehe just remember the pineapple lord loves ya no matter what and so do I, fellow pineapple (hopefully!) hehe

You are awesome, no matter how pineapple you are, and DO NOT get offended by your results, IT’S A STUPID QUIZ MADE TO BE A JOKE (or is it??) k? Money! §§§§§

Created by: Peggy

  1. Who is the leader?
  2. What is the currency?
  3. BLAH
  4. Sup
  6. Still love ya
  7. Almost over!
  8. Fav color?
  9. Last question
  10. JK!

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Quiz topic: How pineapple am I really?