How perfect are you?

Not many people are perfect. Some are pretty, smart, atheletic, but only some are perfect. Now, perfect can mean a number of different things. Beautiful, Intellegent, Kind, but in this deffinition, it means 10/10. God. True Perfection.

Are YOU perfect? Are you smart enough? Are you kind enough? Can you be classified as the almighty... PERFECT?!? Well, in just a few seconds, you'll find out!

Created by: Megan

  1. Pick a Pie:
  2. Pick a Card:
  3. Pick an Element:
  4. Pick a Musical Artist/Band:
  5. Pick a color combination:
  6. Pick a song:
  7. What time of day were you born?
  8. What would you classify yourself as?
  9. Pick a font:
  10. ?siht ekil gnitirw ekil uoy oD :noitseuq tsaL

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Quiz topic: How perfect am I?