How Pensacola Are You?

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Pensacola is the westernmost city in the Florida Panhandle and is known for its sugar white sandy beaches. It's a great area to call home. Lots of unique activities to enjoy.

With the white sandy beaches and home of the famous Blue Angels, Pensacola is proud they are able to call our city home. How much do you know about Pensacola?

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  1. What year was Pensacola first settled?
  2. Pensacola had snow on what recent date?
  3. Pensacola was first called ______________?
  4. Pensacola was visited by _______________ in 1763.
  5. In 1825, Congress appropriated $________ for a lighthouse at the Pensacola Navy Yard.
  6. The Pensacola Bay Bridge opened in what year?
  7. Hurricane Ivan hit in what year?
  8. The tallest building on Pensacola Beach is _________________.
  9. Fort Pickens was completed in ______________.
  10. Pensacola averages how many sunny days per year?

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Quiz topic: How Pensacola am I?

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