How outgoing are you?

There are many types of people in this world and I am curious! so i really would like to know who is shy and who is outgoing. . just try your best and be yourself thats the most important part of living <3

So do you really want to know if you are shy or outgoing?! then take this super easy quiz and find out. . it doesn't take a genius to answer the questions

Created by: Ashley
  1. When you are in a group of friends what are you most likley to be doing?
  2. It's a Friday night and the girls want to hang out. . what happens?
  3. Where can you be found at a lunch hour at school?
  4. If you were asked out on a date what wold you do?
  5. You like to be the centre of attention
  6. If you could you would avoid all human contact
  7. You wear the weirdest things just because you can!
  8. You pretended to be something when you were a child. . ie, a Witch
  9. You love me! =D
  10. Do I know you?

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Quiz topic: How outgoing am I?