how outgoing are you

There are many different levels of outgoing. But, not many people are willing to stand up and make a huge entrance or appearance.These are the people that will do anything to express themselves and let feelings out.

How outgoing are you? Are you the one in the group who doesn't like to go out because you never know what to do? Or are you the one that goes everywhere and does everything. Find out in this quiz.

Created by: Dan
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  1. When you enter a school dance you...
  2. When you enter your classroom/office you...
  3. if your neighbor is having a party that you were uninvited to
  4. Would you go out to a bar or something and then start talking to someone hoping to make a friend?
  5. would you start singging on a bus on your way to work/school?
  6. if you found out that a girl/boy liked you, would you go up to him/her and ask for their phone number?
  7. how often do you sing in the shower?
  8. what would you do at the end of a date?
  9. if your supervisor told you that you did a great job on your last evaluation, would you...
  10. what would you most likely do in a talent show?

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