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  • I was actually 23 when I had my first kid which is on the range you guessed, and you said I'd have 5 kids: 2 girls and 3 boys, but I actually only have 4: 3 girls and one boy. But still a really good quiz and you did a good job you were still close!

  • I got 21 - 25 I am planning on being a radiologist soi will be in college til 30 so that's a no I'm not planning to get married until im either25 or 26 and have three one at 30 one at 33'and the final at 34

  • No kids! Good, two baby sisters is enough :D

    Craig Johnson
  • I don't need kiddos! It just happens....

  • Good quiz, but I want two sons, not two girls and one son. DD;


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