How Often Would Your Cat Win In Cat Shows?

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Mix-breed cats are shown everyday! They win high scores and succeed well! That little cat in your house could be one of them so good luck! I know your cat will do great

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Created by: AlexTheCat

  1. What color is your cat?
  2. What color of eyes does your cat have?
  3. What body shape is your cat?
  4. If a random stranger (the cat show Judge) grabbed your cat and started prodding him/her on the show table- how would your cat react? be honest...this is very important...
  5. Is your cat healthy? (Not overweight and no health problems)
  6. How does your cat do around other cats?
  7. How are you planning to present your cat?
  8. Would you say your cat is a bit more handsome/beautiful than the average house cat?
  9. If your cat didn't win (or place at all, really) a cat show you would feel...
  10. Last question! Where did you get your cat?

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Quiz topic: How Often Would my Cat Win In Cat Shows?