Find out your house ...

You need to press the answer you know you will do if that happens . Then go through all the questions answering them . You can do what you think for this will not be put so it will be shown to everyone .

When you have answered all of the questions you will get your house but then you can do the test again if you feel like that house is not what you truly belong in so now good luck !!!

Created by: Beth

  1. In class you find out someone is using a cheat sheet . Your first but there second on the test . What would you do ?
  2. Your mum and dad are having chats on their own , there being suspicious. What do you do ?
  3. What instrument do you must like .
  4. Stars ,moon ,dusk or dawn
  5. You here a magical scource but its getting closer ! What would you do ?
  6. , what house do you feel like you belong in ?
  7. Under 18 or over 18 .
  8. Harry Potter and the deathly hallows or Harry Potter and the philosophers stone ?
  9. Helpfull or lonely
  10. Video games or films ?

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