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  • Okay.

    So, the person who made this quiz seems to think that OCD is like a line slightly out of place, or using the wrong 'your', or your hair being kind of bad. What the heck?

    If you really think you have OCD, go see a psychologist. OCD is serious, and as someone who's been diagnosed I hate it when people see others moving something so it lines up and then yelling, "YOU ARE SO OCD!".

    I feel like everyone needs to be educated on this more.

    • fun for me as a person with severe ocd to take and get 11% ocd. guess they can take me out of the mental hospital now

    Not ermagherd I need my paper to look good.

    And its a spectrum. You COULD wash your hands obsessively, or you could have intrusive sexual thoughts about people. People with OCD might feel like something terrible to happen to someone they know, not just because theyll be a bit annoyed by a tiny spelling error. YOU HAVE TO GET DIAGNOSED FOR OCD. Its not like omg I love cleaning I have ocd now.

    Also, you cant BE OCD. You can HAVE OCD. So for all you said about grammar, you then turn around and say, omg how ocd are you

    Thats not how it works. Do your research.


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