How normal are you?

We are all different, but still, society has standards that we base "normality" on. Like for example, it's normal to like certain things and act in a certain way and if someone doesn't act this way they are consider "weird" and may be misunderstand by society.

How normal are you? Are your habits "in line" with society's expectations or are they a little bit different than what society expects? Are you well understood by society or misunderstood because you are different? This quiz will tell you!

Created by: emberscatsootie

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  1. Which fear do you understand the most?
  2. What are your views on drinking?
  3. How much does fingernails on a blackboard bother you?
  4. What do you have the easiest time remembering?
  5. What do you have the hardest time remember?
  6. If you asked something "What's your favourite movie?" and they said the name of a movie you had heard of, but didn't remember, what information would help you remember it?
  7. What is your biggest pet peeve of these?
  8. What bothers you least?
  9. What type of bullying is worse: minor physical (pushing, shoving, hair pulling, etc) or emotionally (e.g.: name calling, exclusion, rude faces, etc.) Note that minor physical bullying does not include bullying that causes MAJOR injuries like concussions.
  10. Which do your prefer: cats or dogs?
  11. Which of these traits would you be unable to consider someone a "friend" without?
  12. Why do you take quizzes?
  13. Does deep breathing work as a way to calm you down?
  14. At what age, were you allowed to go to the mall alone (not with friends, by yourself, not with anyone)
  15. Someone tells you they have a condition, you go home and look it up online, the test below the first result on the search engine says it "rare", what do you?
  16. You hear a loud noise made by someone else, what do you do?
  17. How social are you?
  18. Which of these topics do you like to talk about most?
  19. How mainstream is the music you listen to?
  20. What are your favourite movies?
  21. Now for some sensitive questions: Do you believe political correctness has gone too far?
  22. Vacations are a time for..........
  23. Which of these vacation structures sounds most appealing to you?
  24. Which physical pain hurts the most of theseí·?
  25. Which emotional/psychological pain hurts them most?
  26. Which of these physical pains hurts the least?
  27. Which of these emotional pains hurts the least?
  28. Which of these would you least like to hear?
  29. Which of these jobs would you hate the most?
  30. Do you like meat?

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Quiz topic: How normal am I?