How Normal Are You?

There are many people out there that will tell you that you are 'strange' or 'weird' or 'not normal'. But do they really know you? Do they know what goes on in your life when they aren't around?

Well if you want to find out what type of life you lead, whether you are normal or not, take this quiz to find out if what people say is true or false.

Created by: Shannon Lynne
  1. So, now that you have started this quiz, what do you think your results will be?
  2. Ok. Let's begin. Let's say that you don't feel like showing after a long and tiresome day. What do you do?
  3. What types of things have you looked up on the internet that you shouldn't have?
  4. How often have you been called 'weird'?
  5. How many strange obsessions do you have?
  6. How would you describe your sleeping?
  7. Do you keep up with trends?
  8. How many friends do you have?
  9. How would you say your table manners are?
  10. Are you polite to others?
  11. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend at the moment, or have you had one?
  12. Do you think this quiz will be the least bit accurate?

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Quiz topic: How Normal am I?