How Nooby are you?

There are many noobs in this world, and you might be one of them. Take this quiz and find out if you need some extra schooling, or if you need less schooling than your getting!

But extra schooling isn't that bad... okay, it's bad. You'd better do good on this quiz if you want to live a normal noob free life and have sucessful kids and eat nice non noob food teehee.

Created by: Narutofan117
  1. Do you frequently try to fit in with big crowds?
  2. Have you ever been afraid to do things that seem normal to other people?
  3. Can you ride a bike with no training wheels?
  4. Do you like windows?
  5. Do you like Macs or PCs?
  6. Can you read well?
  7. What clothes do you wear?
  8. Nintendo is better than Sega.
  9. What is your dad's first name?
  10. Pick a Number.

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Quiz topic: How Nooby am I?