Which mac is right for you?

Hey! This quiz will show which Mac is right for you. Mac users, feel free to answer, windows users, if you want to take this quiz, nice! The results are iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Pro (sorry for the extra Mac mini).

I do not know at all if you like macs or not. This quiz is definetely not for Mac users or for people who don't like macs. If you want to take this quiz, answer honestly, not just because you want to get the result you like. Anyways enjoy!

Created by: Saurabh Bandopadhaya
  1. How do you want your Mac?
  2. What color or substance do you want your Mac to be?
  3. What Mac/MacBook do you want? (Only your opinion, not affecting results, trust me)
  4. Do you like wires?
  5. Do you like macs?
  6. Do you like macs?
  7. How much money would u be willing to spend on buying your Mac?
  8. Are you mac or PC?
  9. If you have any, what mac will your parents be willing to buy?
  10. Which mac do you think is right for you?

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