How Well Do You Know Apple?

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Apple is a famous technology company and they produce some awesome devices. If you did not know, Apple has made some innovative products such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac and MacBook.

So, you think you know Apple well, huh? Well, we shall find out after you take this quiz. This quiz has some pretty tough questions so be prepared!...

Created by: Seallbay

  1. Who founded Apple?
  2. Who is the current CEO of Apple?
  3. When was the first iPhone released?
  4. Who makes the components for Apple?
  5. What time is always shown on the devices on preview pictures?
  6. Does Apple use Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?
  7. What is the tag you can use to get your photo featured on Apple?
  8. What country is Apple based in?
  9. Who is Apple's Chief Design Officer?
  10. Who is Apple's all-time rival?
  11. Which of the following apps did Apple make?
  12. Which iPhone was the first to have Touch ID?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Apple?