Which iPad is for you? (2014)

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If you don't know which iPad you should buy? You should take this quiz, are you iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Air, or the new iPad Air 2!!!

Do you need Power, Fun, Compact, Portability, Good Battery, Display, or just full out great, just take the "Which iPad is for you" quiz and find out!!!

Created by: Apple

  1. Which is most important?
  2. Touch ID (fingerprint scanner)?
  3. How long a battery life would you like?
  4. Screen Size
  5. Display and Screen Quality?
  6. Camera?
  7. Favorite iPad Colour?
  8. Slow-Motion video on Camera?
  9. How much would you pay for an iPad?
  10. Speed and Performance?
  11. Would you like a device capable of Apple Pay? (Final Question)

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