How Nice are You?

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They are billions and billions of nice people that have respect in those who respect them, are you like them? How nice are you? You know...being nice takes you amazing places. Being nice makes other people be nice to you...which makes you feel good!

How nice are you? Are you respectful to people that are around you? Are you respectful to people that are miles away from you? This quiz will determine for you!

Created by: ilovekittens
  1. Do you say "Please..." or "May I..." most of the time?
  2. Do you support your friends or give them advice when they are sad or need help?
  3. Do you say "thank you mom/dad!" when your mom/dad does something nice for you?
  4. Do you respect your family, friends, classmates, and teachers most of the time?
  5. Do you take care of things that have been given to you?
  6. Do you laugh when someone is hurt or sad?
  7. Have you ever bullied or made fun of someone?
  8. Were you planning to do something bad to someone or something that was given to you?
  9. Do you regret doing mean things to items that were given to you or people?
  10. Do you always say sorry to someone for hurting their feelings or breaking props that were given to you as a gift?

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