Are you good???

Not all people are nice, but a lot of times, they aren't trying. You should always listen to your parents, and follow every rule you're told to follow.

How good of a person are you? How good is your attitude? Are you good at following the rules and being a nice person? I'll tell you how nice you are by how you answer on the quiz!

Created by: LHPM

  1. Do you wear bad clothes? Like is it revealing?
  2. Do you care about school?
  3. What grades do you get at school?
  4. Do you listen to your parents and do what they say
  5. Do you have social media
  6. How long does it take for you to try to fall asleep after your bedtime?
  7. Do you get up exactly at your wake time?
  8. Do you sneak out
  9. Do you listen to your parents snacking rules
  10. Do you follow your parents safety rules
  11. What pictures do you put on the internet?
  12. Do you show your texts to your parents to be approved before you read or answer them
  13. What movie rating is the highest you watch?
  14. What kind of stuff do you mostly watch on YouTube?
  15. Do you watch videos or movies where they cuss
  16. Have you ever cussed in your whole life
  17. Do you ever sneak food that isn't on the schedule
  18. Do you comfort your mom when she's upset
  19. Do you comfort your dad when he's upset
  20. Will you wear a dress if your mom wants you to
  21. Do you follow the rules at your friends' houses?
  22. Would you steal from people
  23. Are you nice to all of your family friends?
  24. Do you dress up a little bit when your parents invite company over?
  25. How much time do you spend with your family?
  26. Do you pretend to like your mom's favorite food even if you don't so she doesn't get upset
  27. Do you tell your parents when you get hurt?
  28. Do you ask for your parents to approve someone before you be friends with the person
  29. What do you do at a guests house?
  30. Do you ever play dangerous games like duck duck goose
  31. Do you kiss people
  32. How do you hug people
  33. What's the most dangerous social media you have
  34. Do you make sure the things you watch are kid friendly
  35. Do you ride a bike
  36. Do you drive
  37. Do you dance inappropriately?
  38. Do you cause trouble for other people
  39. Do other people's birthdays mean a lot to you?

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