Are you actually nice??

Most people think they are nice when, in reality, it is a rare trait to be actually nice and loving to others. Being kind is so much more than being beautyful and being popular! It's about making everyone around you feel better.

Are you as nice as you think u are? Be careful in your choices-in life and on this quiz. Every act you commit adds up or affects you somehow. The next time you want to do something mean just to rub it in someone's face, think about it and be a good person! also, please answer honestly because if you don't, the score will be crappy to your personality.

Created by: Alisa
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  1. If your classmate is standing in line to buy lunch and loses their money, what do you do?
  2. If you were at a party and saw a girl sitting by herself, what would you do?
  3. You are surrounded by friends and a girl you don't know comes up to you and insults you. She's not a threat, so you...
  4. Everyone is giving presentations in class. One student stumbles and stutters nervously. You...
  5. You look at quizzes online and get a bad result! What do you do?
  6. You just listened to "friday" on youtube. What is your reaction?
  7. You need to write about a topic for your school newspaper. You...
  8. You are eating lunch with your friends and you see a girl sitting by herself at lunch. She never hangs out with anyone and behaves wierdly so you...
  9. What is mose important? PLEASE answer truthfully! please
  10. How is your social life doing???
  11. Honestly, what is your outlook on life?
  12. You and another girl want the same dress at a store. You saw it a second before she did, but she ain't backing off!
  13. Last one! Consider your actions before. Do you believe you're nice??? And no rainbows and ponies is not nice its just stupid

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Quiz topic: Am I actually nice??