How Newark Are You?

There are a lot of people who probably take this quiz and aren't able to get a 100% be happy with what you got next time just try harder and maybe you want have this problem again... But if you got the 100% you are my favorite type of person ... Stay in touch.

Yo you know your Newark you live, eat, sleep, and breath Newark keep doing what you do make sure we get back on this map ASAP. We need some recognition that we do a lot for people but dudes always trying to play us. Especially them New Yorkers lol but its iight we out there now if you go down south they call us celebrities lol.

Created by: Jazmond
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Where is Weequahic High?
  2. What's the main street in North Newark?
  3. Why do New Yorkers hate on us so much?
  4. What our main source of music?
  5. Where we go to go shopping for new sneakers?
  6. Whose the New Mayor?
  7. What do most dudes wear?
  8. What is mostly everybody in Nwk, E. O, and Irv?
  9. What's Seth Boyden?
  10. Where is University High School?
  11. What's known for Newarkz dudes to have?
  12. What's every girls dream of a perfect hair style?
  13. What one thing we call our lovers?

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Quiz topic: How Newark am I?