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  • Uhmm excuse you? First I'm not a jock but I'm friends with some and saying they're dumb is rude. You stupid nerd. Not all of us can be geniouses. So shut up and maybe not call jocks stupid. I'm normal and definately no nerdy which is obvious. Don't be dissing on jocks and this is why you get wedgies in school. God....and also slowing down the internet speed? No I think thats you you immature peice of crap. With all of your weird technical stuff. K? K don't mess with jocks you will get messed up.

  • Yea I'll go play ball. So I'll find you and pound the ball in your face. Stupid nerd. I hope you get your glasses broken. I have A's and B's, am I stupid anymore? I'm in honors classes, play sports and I'm friends with almost everyone in my school, including the nerds. Because they aren't judgmental like you.

  • I got a nerd's nerd, but I did notice in someone else's comment that you called "jocks" stupid. That's simply not true sure bullies are stupid, but studies have shown that people who are healthy tend to be smarter. Which if you think about it actually does make sense.

    life exactly 200
  • it says im a nerds nerd. which is good because i am smart and am have lots of nerdy pursuits e.g. robotics club, chess club, beta club. but i also am very athletic because i play all sports and i am fit.

  • it said i was a nerds nerd and the other bar super nerd but for some reason i get this feeling like im proud of it i know it sounds wierd ish but i get good grades i am o he computer most of y time but idk

  • Well I am sad but I knew I would get a nerdy answer because in school I get wedgies a lot :'(

  • I'm not a super-nerd. I don't even know how the hell I got that result.

    Anyways, not a bad quiz.

  • Not to be a b----, but... You spelled Qui-Gon wrong... My nerd's nerd result rings true...


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