How Nerdy Are You?

There are many smart people, and many kinds of intelligence ... but few true geniuses. However, there are many many nerds! Genius is, after all, quite exceptional. Nerdhood just is.

Are YOU a nerd? Do you have the brainpower and obscure knowledge to qualify for that prestigious title? And just how nerdy ARE you? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this comprehensive quiz, in just a few minutes you will settle the issue forever!"

Created by: Pete Aldin
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  1. What was Jonathan Archer's dog's name?
  2. Which Star Wars character do you hate the most?
  3. PC or Mac?
  4. Your friends drop by. You have 7 donuts, four bags of chips and a bottle of coke in your cupboard. How do you divide it up?
  5. What does PDF stand for?
  6. What kind of posters do you have in your bedroom?
  7. Where do/did you sit in class?
  8. Which job sound the most fun?
  9. How much memory (RAM) does the computer you are on have?
  10. Why did you take this test?

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Quiz topic: How Nerdy am I?